Ludovica Carbotta is opening her exhibition at Bombon on the 4th of May!

“I write down what you say. Your orders, your arguments, your witticism are the base of my material. I look for the balance of power, what strikes us in a collective way and the moment when it becomes our common lot. When I quote you – without disclosing my sources – I do it through numerous mediums. For a moment, I summon and shift power, filling myself with a collective energy, often saturated with testosterone. Thus, the group offers a raw desire. An “I don’t care” attitude, hysteria, joy, blasé expressions, kebabs: here comes the chaos, here is the show.”

Diane Guyot (b.1980, based in Marseille). Recent solos shows include La salle blanche, acte 1 (Galerie des grands bains douches, Marseille 2018), I love U jungle (Bombon Projects, Barcelona 2017) and Donut Forget (Art-Cade, Galerie des Grand Bains Douches, Marseille 2016). Recent group shows include Funny Joke (Chateau de Serviers, Mareseille 2017), Prix des ateliers de la ville de Marseille (Art-o-Rama, Friche de la Belle de Mai, Marseille 2015), Works from the collection (Chelsea Space, London) and Static Gallery (Liverpool, 2012).