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Rosa Tharrats mainly works with textiles. Her exploration is based on the premise that objects whether natural or artificial own an unexplored subjectiveness and can establish an organic relationship with us. She likes to think of matter as an identity of soul and vibration. Often she find herself creating through the interaction between the mineral, the vegetable and the industrial realms. Other recurring themes in her work are transformation, symbiosis, process, compiling, grass roots, the junction of microscopic and macroscopic life, the visible and the invisible, research of the subtle balance between materials, the contrast between that which is vaporous and that which is wild.The majority of materials she works with comes from her family archives or from an archive she has put together through time collecting fabrics, garments,wardrobes and other objects. The archive is an ongoing process that studies and acquires layers of meaning as time goes. Her goal is to create sensorial narrations with layers of meaning through an interdisciplinary method that embraces fashion and visual arts.

Rosa Tharrats (b. 1983 and based in Barcelona). She has studied graphic design in Elisava and fashion design in Instituto Europeo di Design. Her work has been shown at Ehrhardt Flórez (2022), MACBA (2021-22), Bombon projects (2021, 2020), ARCO Madrid (2019), Heinrich Ehrhard Gallery (Madrid, 2018),  Apulia Land Art Festival (Italy, 2017) or Galería Cadaqués (Girona, 2015). Tharrats’ also collaborates with other artists in the costume design for their performances and movies such as Albert Serra, Jordi Colomer or Donna Huanca. She was awarded with the prize Barcelona 080 for Emerging Designers and also she won a Gaudí Costume Prize for Liberté, by Albert Serra in 2019.