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“I write down what you say. Your orders, your arguments, your witticism are the base of my material. I look for the balance of power, what strikes us in a collective way and the moment when it becomes our common lot. When I quote you – without disclosing my sources – I do it through numerous mediums. For a moment, I summon and shift power, filling myself with a collective energy, often saturated with testosterone. Thus, the group offers a raw desire. An “I don’t care” attitude, hysteria, joy, blasé expressions, kebabs: here comes the chaos, here is the show.”

Diane Guyot (b.1980, based in Marseille). Recent solos shows include La salle blanche, acte 1 (Galerie des grands bains douches, Marseille 2018), I love U jungle (Bombon Projects, Barcelona 2017) and Donut Forget (Art-Cade, Galerie des Grand Bains Douches, Marseille 2016). Recent group shows include Funny Joke (Chateau de Serviers, Mareseille 2017), Prix des ateliers de la ville de Marseille (Art-o-Rama, Friche de la Belle de Mai, Marseille 2015), Works from the collection (Chelsea Space, London) and Static Gallery (Liverpool, 2012).