ARCO Madrid 2019

27 February 2019 — 03 March 2019

Aldo Urbano, Anna Dot

Bombon projects is happy to announce its participation at the Opening section of ARCO Madrid, booth 9OP05, with a project based on invisibility, movement and the alteration of the mechanism of perception.

Gusts of wind coming from the fans that Anna Dot has programmed -synchronized with the air that comes out from her mouth when reading the text- move the drawings of the wall and miraculously the boat that has taken us to ARCO.

The text she recites talks about the ghostly movement of objects; when a curtain moves without anyone touching it. The work is titled The voice that inhabits, and wonders about the existence of these enigmatic movements; a story that will never be known, the missing words of all which was never said and remains, in the memory, like a ghost.

This enigmatic movement repeats in the drawings of Aldo Urbano where the vibrations replicate like a mantra, hypnotising and integrating the spectator. The drawings seem eyes and seem to look too, turning the space into a close circuit. Aldo Urbano investigates the loopholes of the mechanism of perception in the search of a chromatic combination that makes everything unsettle, like a pea under a tile could stagger the world.

In A Mountain inside home, Anna Dot emulates the moment in which we nearly fall down, a tile with a pea as a metaphor of the implications that the almost invisible structural details could have on the everyday, contributing to the fragility and instability of the body, the space and the artistic discourse.

And it is the pass of time, invisible, that translates into a gesture that Dot realizes when materialising the digital icon of a file: 7 works which, as if it was a work of origami, try to represent a virtual idea; make it real, palpable. Is it the image that we give to an idea relevant for its meaning?

In the comic A ARCO en barco (To ARCO on a boat) Aldo Urbano describes everything. He narrates the adventures of the group to get to ARCO. Because a straight line isn’t always the shortest formula to join two dots. The apparent futility of the artistic practice, the necessity to participate in a fair, the ease to make life difficult… All propelled by an invisible force that moves everything and allows the group to cross Spain on a boat to enter Ifema on a donkey, with their fans, drawings and tiles.

A gallery is called to ARCO and they decide to go on a boat. Why not?

The trip as a project in which the goal is blurred in order to end up disappearing.