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Enric Farrés Duran

For Arco Lisboa, Bombon projects presents Storageism –a fair trick, a solo show by Enric Farrés Duran.

A site specific installation in which the artist proposes to use the storage of the booth as an exhibition space and the visible part of the booth as storage.

Often at contemporary art fairs, the main space of the booth is where everyone has access; the works are presented in a very visible way, well lit and in good competition for the attention of the collectors.

Meanwhile the storage is the space for the “just in case”, where the economy of the space prevails, clandestine artworks and works by other artists are piled up waiting their turn to be fleetingly seen by those privileged who are invited to enter it.

By highlighting the relationship between these two spaces, the artist bombs the expectations that define them, as well as the meaning of a solo show, the influence of the market logic in the final presentation of the artwork or what visual rules operate in the context of a fair.

Understanding the spectator of a fair as a professional voyeur, the artist places a set of visual games, inviting them to approach the works from different perspectives, highlighting –through a fair trick- the way we look. These visual teasers (a hole in the wall in the form of a glory hole, a half-way packed artwork asking to be revealed, a nail on the wall, a pair of white gloves…) also reflect the performativity of the works, since the appearance of the traditional booth is truncated by the moves game that occur when the gallerists show the works to the public.

The works that can be seen in the booth are the ones that the gallerists could have had in the storage. Some inside their boxes, some outside. Reversed strategically or hung from a screw; these are the hesitant artworks, the hopeful ones or the “just in case”. These are by the same Enric Farrés, Jordi Mijtà, Pere Llobera, Olarn Chiaravanont, Lara Fluxà, Bernat Daviu, Rafel G.Bianchi, Anna Dot, Xavier Ristol, Martin Llavaneras and Angela de la Cruz.

The project Storageism –a fair trick, fits in a crate that presides the booth. If the works by the different artists that make up the project remain together or not, it will be a decision of the collectors that go to ARCO Lisboa. Storageism –a fair trick is a project by Enric Farrés that includes some of the artists that have shown at Bombon.