Divendres 27 a les 19h no et perdis la presentació de Bombon Editions a la galeria!

Anna Dot, Aldo Urbano

Bombon projects is happy to announce its participation at the Opening section of ARCO Madrid, booth 9OP05, with a project based on invisibility, movement and the alteration of the mechanism of perception.

Gusts of wind coming from the fans that Anna Dot has programmed -synchronized with the air that comes out from her mouth when reading the text- move the drawings of the wall and miraculously the boat that has taken us to ARCO.

The text she recites talks about the ghostly movement of objects; when a curtain moves without anyone touching it. The work is titled The voice that inhabits, and wonders about the existence of these enigmatic movements; a story that will never be known, the missing words of all which was never said and remains, in the memory, like a ghost.

This enigmatic movement repeats in the drawings of Aldo Urbano where the vibrations replicate like a mantra, hypnotising and integrating the spectator. The drawings seem eyes and seem to look too, turning the space into a close circuit. Aldo Urbano investigates the loopholes of the mechanism of perception in the search of a chromatic combination that makes everything unsettle, like a pea under a tile could stagger the world.