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Rosa Tharrats, Mari Eastman

ART-O-RAMA Marseille 2022

Mari Eastman and Rosa Tharrats


For ART-O-RAMA 2022, Bombon proposes a project with the artists Mari Eastman and Rosa Tharrats. A proposal based on the potential of intuition to generate connections with the wild and personal narratives.

Both artists, although from different generations, share a similar interest and a similar way of working through intuition. Concepts such as the wild, the history of fashion, the transmutation of materials, as well as the creation of personal narratives or self-representation through nature are intertwined in the selected works. This is visible, for example, in Eastman’s figures of wild animals, which can be understood as a kind of self-portraits, a sublimation of the self into the wild, where it becomes indomitable and free; or as in the case of Tharrats’ use of fabrics and materials, mixing elements and states, in a constant transmutation where each element and fabric contains its own story.

Mari Eastman’s (b. 1970, lives and works in Chicago) work emerges from a pictorial study of images derived from fashion magazines, wild animals, decorative objects and depictions of popular figures – which become intertwined with personal narratives. Her paintings, often in a small and intimate format, contain loose brushstrokes and often seem to be executed in an intentionally rough manner, which looks to defocus the image and strip back the initial delicate allure.

Rosa Tharrats (b. 1983 and based in Barcelona) mainly works with textiles. Her exploration is based on the premise that objects, whether natural or artificial, own an unexplored subjectiveness and can establish an organic relationship with us. Often, she finds herself creating through the interaction between the mineral, the vegetable and the industrial realms, generating spaces where the research of the subtle balance between materials and the contrast between that which is vaporous and that which is wild is made possible.

We propose a space where the works of Tharrats must be crossed, like a forest that must be entered, like a veil that must be unveiled in order to access the pictorial works of Eastman. The proposal is an invitation to leave one’s own subjectivity, the individual self, to open our eyes to other shared realities, to other types of subjectivities, whether material, animal, or symbolic that permeate our experience through intuition.


Rosa Tharrats (b. 1983 and based in Barcelona). She has studied graphic design in Elisava and fashion design in Instituto Europeo di Design. Her work has been shown at MACBA Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona (Barcelona 2021), Ehrhard Florez Gallery (Madrid,  2022 and 2018), Bombon projects (Barcelona, 2020 and 2019), Arco Madrid (Madrid 2019), Apulia Land Art Festival ( Italy, 2017), Galería Cadaqués (Girona, 2015). Tharrats’ also collaborates with other artists in the costume design for their performances and movies such as Albert Serra, Jordi Colomer or Donna Huanca. She was awarded with the prize Barcelona 080 for Emerging Designers and also she won a Gaudí Costume Prize for Liberté, by Albert Serra in 2019.

Mari Eastman (b.1970 based in Chicago). Eastman holds an MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago. She has exhibited at Bombon Projects (Barcelona), Grifter Gallery (New York), the Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (Los Angeles), The Orange County Museum of Art (Newport Beach), the Berkeley Museum of Art (Berkeley, CA), Cherry and Martin Gallery (Los Angeles), Spruth and Magers (Munich), Barbara Gladstone Gallery (New York), and Maureen Paley (London) among other venues. Her work has been included in such publications as Modern Painters, The New York Times, and on the websites and Contemporary Art Daily. Her artwork has been featured on a limited edition collection with the Los Angeles-based designers, Rodarte. Eastman lives and works in Chicago and is on the faculty of SAIC’s Painting and Drawing Department.