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Ludovica Carbotta, Jordi Mijtà

We are looking forward to participating at Artissima in the section Monologue/Dialogue (booth 7, PINK A) with artists Ludovica Carbotta and Jordi Mitjà!
Carbotta’s practice focuses on the physical exploration of the urban space and on how individuals establish connections with the environment they inhabit. Hovering on the boundaries between reality and fiction, recent works combine installations, texts and performances reflecting around the notion of site, identity and participation.

Specifically exploring what she calls fictional site specificity, a form of site-oriented practice that considers imaginary places or embodies real places with fictional contexts, recovering the role of imagination as a value to construct our knowledge. With imagination we can actually create a place to belong, but this will be inevitably affected by the reality of the language that constitutes it as an object. By combining installations, texts and performances, she produces a body of works that take the form of medium-scale environments.

Mitjà’s work emerges from the study of particular materials from the area where he lives and where he grew up. He operates from an appropiationism redrawn in terms of archival logic. In other words, his work is born from an ambivalent process of accumulation and rejection of knowledge that simultaneously function as a trigger for the execution of his work. Through his sculptural work, Mitjà pays homage to his fascination for local relics, imperceptible from a global perspective. Mitjà collects waste and discarded objects; he tracks the territory ethnographically as if he was trying to describe the landscape that surrounds him.

The booth is as an opportunity for a dialogue between two sculptors whose practices expand to other media, proposing questions that address issues such as identity, belonging to a territory or the exploration of materials related to the history of the individuals who inhabit it.