Do not miss the Biennale de Lyon with Eva Fabregas!

Eva Fàbregas

For the new edition of LISTE, Bombon presents a project by artist Eva Fàbregas. Working with soft and malleable synthetic materials and manufacturing processes, her sculptures embrace the possibility of tactile engagement, physical intimacy, affective bonding, tenderness and various forms of somatic experimentation with and through objects. Liberated from the constraints of biology, sexual desire and affect are allowed to flow in all directions, blurring the distinction between organic and inorganic matter. Expanding on the prosthetic nature of modern design, architecture and technology, her work invites the viewer to not just imagine, but feel other possible bodies, desires and forms of care.

The set of shapes and drawings presented at LISTE 2022 recreate forms that may remember of sexual organs and genitals, or bodily organs and glands, but she also looks into simple life forms like mollusks or sea jellies, vegetation, microorganism, and the reproductive parts of plants or flowers. And mostly, rather than working with one or another, she wants to blur the boundaries between these different forms of life.

These series of sculptures presented here are made of translucent silicone. They are gelatinous and bulbous or membrane-like organs that have some kind of intriguing cavities and protuberances. These objects are called “Sheddings” (2021). They look like remnants or the leftovers of some sort of organism that has undergone a change or a metamorphosis. For example, like snakes would do with their own skin. The materiality of these objects makes them malleable and flexible, and gives them the potential to become different forms within one shape. They are not fixed. They are always embracing transformation. And they are like amoebas and formless forms, because they come from mutation, from combination and multiplication. These new creatures want to invite us to imagine other possible organs, other possible bodies and new forms of desire and affects with those objects.

The sculptures are installed in the booth as if they were new inhabitants looking for ways to live together, expand and shape our present. Playing with its folds and wrinkles, the resulting shapes can be touched and handled, thus expanding their purely formal character and offering physical intimacy and an emotional bond with these new creatures.