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Joana Escoval, Aldo Urbano

For its second participation at NADA Miami, Bombon presents an exhibition by Aldo Urbano and Joana Escoval.

Their practices play to bring together elements that are apparently unalike in order to generate physical and metaphysical tensions within themselves. In her works and actions, Escoval creates alloys with metals such as gold, copper or silver to generate sculptures sensitive to the climate, the skin’s pH, sound… she also adds animal elements such as cat whiskers or feathers that seem to hold almost by chance. Her works are in constant change. This hypersensitivity and subtleness is also present in the work of Urbano. The artist, both in his paintings and comics, explores the reaction of the beholder’s eye to certain visual stimulus. He constructs images that vibrate due to the union of colours and forms in permanent conflict. Simultaneously, through his comics, he projects an ironic and humorous view about the artistic practice and the mysticism associated to it.

The booth will be conceived as an erogenous zone, filled with tension and relief points, a space designed to make evident the changes that occur to matter in infinitesimal levels.

The artists assume ideas from both the lucubration of quantum physics and alchemy. According to these, the eye that looks modifies radically the event observed, and the hand corrupts inevitably what it touches.

For them, this exaggerated mysticism derives in embarrassment. When we pay attention we see that the world, when looking at itself in each subtle act of observation, seems to laugh at itself too. In this line, Urbano will make a comic specific to this exhibition. The comic will be distributed as an edition but the original will hang in the booth in order to navigate through it.