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Pere Llobera, Bernat Daviu

Bombon projects is happy to announce its participation at NADA Miami, booth 2.07, with works by Pere Llobera and Bernat Daviu.

Taking elements from popular culture and folklore, both artists imagine new scenarios in which iconic imagery undertakes a different course.

Pere Llobera takes as a starting point his own role as a painter to talk about the condition of the artist. Autobiographical references are always present and play a key role in the development of Llobera’s narratives. Bernat Daviu begins with stories, objects or characters that have represented something in the past. The artist isolates them in order to transport them into a different context that often relate to his daily life.

At NADA, Pere Llobera and Bernat Daviu enter a dialogue established through a selection of individual works, including also a collaborative piece.