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My mum used to tell me to shed light on things, this is probably the reason I became an artist” J.Maynou

Shedding light on images, often to the point of burning them, is what Josep Maynou and Pere Llobera practice in their work.

It is evident in his lamps made with everyday or found objects that Josep Maynou has taken literally what his mother told him when he was a kid. The broom lamp allows to brush the floor when is dark. It also can be used as a torch to look more closely at the paintings of Pere Llobera.

In an attempt to reveal the stories that might lie underneath, Pere Llobera approaches images from different angles. His paintings depict scenes in where the characters, or the other elements that make such image, behave not according to the plot: a plein air artist is suddenly attacked by a puma, Superman becomes fed-up with being so powerful or an actor who is on stage playing The Little Sheperds, speaks out and complains about the colours.

A similar diversion takes Fido Dido in Josep Maynou’s rug. His customized objects –rugs, lamps, tables or benches- are part of the stories he explains in his performances. These elements create a set for the artist to explain these and other improvised tales that he elaborates with real and fictional experiences. In the case of the once popular character of Sprite, his addiction to Sprite and codeine (a mixed drink that was cool in the early 2000 among young people) messes up the lines that made him up.

The combination of the two artists’ work generates a space that stimulates the circulation and crossing-over of images and stories