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Anna Dot, Bernat Daviu

For Sunday Art Fair, Bombon presents a project by Anna Dot and Bernat Daviu that focus on the performative aspect of their practices. The two artists often work with performance, most of the time through other people. Collaborators or even the audience may be aware of it or not. On this occasion we have invited the artists to make a specific proposal.

The works presented at the fair invite the audience to activate them. The booth is an invisible performance, manipulative, it floats in the air and blindly guides us.

Anna Dot’s curtain isn’t allowing us to see the entirety of the space while it declares eternal love to us. Like many of her works, Dot’s interventions are hardly noticeable at first; it is through the viewer’s movements around them that they appear. She will also be showing a series of images of plants with text. These are the result of a Cubist plant experiment to automatically translate plants from Russian to English. Dot’s experimentation with translation often blurs the line between reality and fiction to create unsettling imaginaries.

In Bernat Daviu’s new paintings, the presence of what’s around is captured through shadows and mirrors; it is often more important the elements surrounding the work rather than the work itself. In the Krabb paintings he continues to disturb and challenge the fine line of the horizon through the iconic shape of a discontinued Ikea mirror, currently obsolete and unfashionable. Daviu will also present his Shadow paintings, which show the sublte presence of elements that are not meant to be on the surface of the canvas.