We are opening an exhibition with Pere Llobera and Diane Guyot at L21 Gallery in Mallorca on the 25th of July!





To inaugurate this new section in our website, Bombon has invited the artists of the gallery to select their favourite works exhibited last year in our space. This way of selecting works -artists picking other artists- has turned a very fruitful way of working in the short history of Bombon and in the large history of art. This formula has not only become a form of curation but also a platform to develop new works between artists from similar or very different fields.


To name a few of these beautiful moments, we could recall the project we presented at ARCO Lisboa in 2018. In Enric Farrés’ solo presentation at the fair, he decided to show his works in the storage space of the booth, while all the other works by artists of the gallery, usually kept hidden behind, were placed in the main space. Another example is the exhibition JM2000 -Return of the Junker, in which we proposed the artists Jordi Mijtà and Josep Maynou to show their works together in an exhibition for the 2019 edition of Barcelona Gallery Weekend. The bond became so strong that they finally decided to produce new collaborative work for the exhibition, blurring the individual authorship of all the works in the exhibition. Anna Dot and Aldo Urbano’s intervention at Les Torres Venecianes, Mauro Cerqueira and Babi Badalov installation at the gallery, Angela de la Cruz’ decision to show with her studio assistants and surely more that we forget, are special moments that we could recall.


We have decided to not reveal who chose what, so feel free to make your own predictions!


The selection includes works by Josep Maynou (1980), Anna Dot (1991), Pere Llobera (1970), Joana Escoval (1982), Enric Farrés Duran (1983), Olarn Chiaravanont (1986), Aldo Urbano (1991), Jordi Mitjà (1970), Alba Feito (1989), Bernat Daviu (1985), Babi Badalov (1959), Mauro Cerqueira (1982) and Irene Grau (1986).