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    by Josep Maynou



    For NADA house 2021, Bombon Projects presents works by Josep Maynou. Owing to the artists’s nomadic lifestyle, his work is often defined through objects found on his travels. Like a diary, these objects recount the story of a specific moment, offering historical references and giving direction to the performance aspect of Maynou’s practice.


    Any ordinary object is susceptible to becoming a base for Maynou’s drawings; such as tables or chairs, a window frame, a pine panel or an empty chocolate bar wrappers that he began to repurpose during the lockdown period in Paris. Improvising in the wake of a lack of materials, these wrappers were transformed into notebooks capturing ideas for works not yet realised, overheard phrases that felt important not to forget, fragments of exercises from a French class … etc.


    In their way, these works help Maynou not to lose the thread that links the present to the experience, they act like mementos, triggers, or clues to follow in expanding the story that will be told through his work and actions.